Our Brochure

Welcome to Christ Academy

We are a classical Christian school located in Collingdale, PA. As a parish school of Grace Church (REC), our theology and communal life are informed by the Anglican tradition. Nevertheless, our faculty and staff come from other branches of Christ’s Church and we welcome students from all religious backgrounds, as long as they are willing to learn and participate in school activities.

Christ Academy seeks to be an alternative to many of our troubled public school systems which have become saturated by secular ideology and experimental pedagogy. The classical approach to education is a tried and tested method which has produced many of the world’s greatest minds. Students who are classically educated regularly score higher than their publicly educated counterparts. Moreover, true education is holistic and involves the whole person. Therefore, where other schools focus exclusively on book knowledge, we have designed our curriculum to cultivate our student’s character and spiritual life.

Unfortunately, quality education is usually expensive. Most private schools are out of range for the average family and little-to-no tuition assistance is offered. Christ Academy is unique in that we are committed to making high quality, classical Christian education accessible to all families, regardless of economic status. Our tuition is a fraction of most other private schools (locally and nationally) and we provide tuition assistance to most of our students, according to need as stated in federal poverty guidelines.

We know how important it is to find the right school for your child. We hope that you find the school that is right for your family, and we thank you for considering Christ Academy as a potential option.


Steven Hoopes

Headmaster of the High School