Results & Impact

The impact of education must always be registered in the changed lives of each and every student. Today, when rich intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation is in short supply, it falls to classical education to demonstrate its capacity to shape and enrich the lives of students.

We believe that a great combination of virtues and academic excellence helps equip every child at Christ Academy in a special and unique way, resulting in wonderful opportunities and opened doors, academically and in life.


Of Students Are Transfers From Public Schools


Under adversity, every great endeavor will have hope and positivity as its foundation.


A belief in fairness and opportunity will protect hope against challenges of life.

5% Caucasian, 9% Indian, 86% African/African-American


Of Students Have Remedial Needs; All Met.


A rising tide lifts all boats, and caring for our brother teaches us to build a common future.


Patience and self-control teach us the key value of endurance and long-term planning. 


Accelerated Mastery Learning Using Singapore Math

  • Latin: 665
  • French: 633
  • German: 625
  • Spanish: 583
  • All Students: 506

Source: The College Board, as cited by the National Committee for Latin and Greek.

The Power of Latin

According to those who administer the SAT tests, students who take 2 years of Latin score on average 152 points higher on their SATs.


As we grow stronger, our capacity for achievements becomes unparalleled.


School Graduation Rate


College Admission Rate


A mind trained to think deeply and plan carefully will accomplish any long-term plan. 


True knowledge from a lifetime of learning helps master oneself, and realize every goal.


College Graduation Rate