Christ Academy

Building the knowledge, grit, and

character for a successful life.

more than just preparation for the workforce.

We seek to cultivate virtue and wisdom in the life of the student, by focusing on the formation of the intellectual, moral and spiritual character that forms the foundation of a successful life.

Classical Education

The goal of education consists in passing on the values and the habits of wisdom, grit, hope, and perseverance. Our objective is not just to teach a specific book or formula, but rather shape the whole person and build a foundation for an entire lifetime.

92% of Incoming Students

Have remedial needs

100% of Graduating Students

Admitted to a 2- 4- year accredited college or university

Founded in 1886.

For over 100 years, Christ Academy has served the greater Philadelphia community, equipping children with the belief in civic engagement, personal responsibility, and a positive outlook on life, where success is formed intentionally, if it is to be formed at all.

A Chance For Everyone

5% Caucasian, 9% Indian, 86% African/African-American


Eligible for Financial Aid

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There is nothing better than experiencing the school for yourself. Take a stroll through our classrooms, meet the instructors and the wonderful kids whose stories are countless. Come see the ancient languages, theater, math, and literature that are shaping the next generation.

“The previous school I attended was a disaster. My mother wouldn’t let me go to the park because she was afraid for my safety. I started to give up, and behave like the other kids. Christ Academy has made a real difference in me, and I love the experiences that we share there. I can’t believe that I’m actually looking at colleges.”

Austine Zeyon

11th grade