Our Brochure

Welcome to Christ Academy

Dear Prospective Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Christ Academy.  

Are you tired of low expectations for your child at school?  Do you feel a sense of fear as you think about your child entering or successfully exiting the often-troubled “middle school” years?  What would it look like if every aspect of a classroom and school was favorable to inspiring and teaching excellence? What if the life of the school fostered the moral and spiritual life as much as the academic life, because the two work together in the growth of a mature, intelligent, and good man or woman?  Is it possible for a fourteen- or fifteen-year-old to be life-, college-, and career-ready at the beginning of high school?  Can intelligence and leadership ability be formed and increased over time or are these simply results of genetics?

If you have a child entering grades 5-12 who would benefit from challenging academic work in a joyful learning environment, we invite you to contact us.  If you desire your child to become a knowledgeable, virtuous, and Christ-like leader, we want to partner with you.

Kind regards,

Fr. Andrew Brummett, Th.M

Headmaster of the Middle School