Our Curricula

Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School curriculum spans grades 5-8 and is organized in a four-year rotational curriculum. A student who joins Christ Academy in grade 5 will encounter the material for all four years upon matriculating from grade 8 in our program. The rotational courses are in the subjects of History, Bible, and Natural Science. Other subjects are based on ability and the class will divide into these different courses accordingly. These latter subjects include Mathematics, English Grammar, Greek Grammar, Art, and Chess. Physical Education will include team sports and strength & conditioning exercises.

Our Bible courses work through the four Gospels in Greek and English. This allows us to train our students in both Koine Greek and biblical literacy.

Middle School Rotation

Year A:
Ancient History
The Gospel According to Matthew

Year B:
The Middle Ages
The Gospel According to Mark
Physical Science I

Year C:
Early Modern Times
The Gospel According to Luke & the Acts of the Apostles
Physical Science II

Year D:
The Modern Age
The Gospel According to John
Earth & Space Science

High School Curriculum

The secondary curriculum can be broken down into three major areas; Humanities, Math/ Science, and Religion. Similar to the Middle School, the core curriculum is taught in a 4-year rotation. Religion courses are based on Christ Academy’s own tested methods and students will continue to learn Koine Greek. Additionally, some students may have the opportunity to learn Latin.

Our History & English programs are based on Russell Kirk’s book “The Roots of American Order.” Kirk’s book traces the history of Western civilization through five major cities; Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia. Jerusalem will be integrated into all four years of the rotation, while the other cities will be covered in rotation. Our English program will be centered on key works of literature related to the theme of that year. In addition to language mechanics (such as grammar, writing, & spelling, etc.), our English classes will include key figures and ideas in philosophy.

Our Math curriculum is based on Steve Demme’s “Math-U-See.” A student’s Math and Natural Science classes are not preset, but are determined on the basis of individual ability. Third and fourth years (Grades 11 & 12) have the opportunity to take Math and Science courses at Delaware County Community College for college credit. If a student exceeds 21 credits at DCCC, the college’s standard fees and tuition rates will apply.

High School Rotation

Year A: Athens
Ancient Greece & Civilization

Year B: Rome
Ancient Rome & Early Medieval
The Gospels

Year C: London
Medieval England through The Glorious Revolution (1688)
Charles Dickens & English Poets
Works of the Reformation

Year D: Philadelphia
American History
Hawthorne & Twain
James, Wisdom Literature, Lewis & Chesterton.