Who We Are

As a Christian and classical school, Christ Academy seeks the highest academic and behavioral standards while providing what we call redemptive education–education that meets students where they are and works with them and their parents to lift them into new and better opportunities. Some local schools face challenges in providing the best educational opportunity for every child, but every family wants and deserves an excellent school. Small class sizes, a safe environment, and teacher excellence attract families from all religious backgrounds to Christ Academy.

Each day begins in prayer, worship, and the public reading of Scripture. This forms the soul in a Godward direction and roots all that we do in the love of God and neighbor.Every subject in our curriculum works together to provide students with the background knowledge necessary to become fully literate citizens, capable of pursuing high achievements in a variety of endeavors. While we study the history and geography of every region of the world and their people groups, we emphasize the Great Works of Western Civilization in order to nurture the minds of our students on the foundational ideas of American civilization. We strongly believe that true education involves all aspects of the person and that a student must grow in both knowledge and virtue. In partnership with parents, we set high standards for student behavior.