We were established and founded in 1886, as Christ Memorial Parish School, as we were called at our inception. From that time, the School has been one of West Philadelphia’s premier Christian schools. After a ten year hiatus, it was re-founded in 1996 as Christ Academy with an emphasis on the classical methodology of education. When the tower of our host parish, Christ Memorial Church collapsed in 2004 and sustained major damage, Christ Academy moved to its present location in Collingdale, Pennsylvania.

In its new location, Christ Academy found an effective ministry among middle and high school boys. Expanding on this success, we presently serve boys and girls grades 5-12, and our student body includes many immigrant students from Sub-Saharan Africa. Christ Academy has substantially and effectively contributed to the growth and outreach of Grace Church, which has grown to 180 members. This is a successful model of how church and school can each multiply the work of the other in glorifying Christ and serving people.